TELGLOW Photoluminescent

Telegan offer a range of photoluminescent substrates ideal for use in safety signage and safety way guidance systems (SWGS). These phosphorescent products have been formulated to comply with the photoluminescent luminance decay properties demanded by ISO16069:2004 and ISO17398:2004 standards.

Routinely tested to benchmark standard DIN 67510-1 both Telbex and Telbak Photoluminescent are entitled to carry the prestigious Wheel Mark “Mark of Conformity” having achieved Lloyds Register type approval to ISO 15730:2001 Annex A.1/3.40 – Low Location Lighting Systems. weelmark-logo


Phosphorescence is achieved using specialist non-toxic, non-radioactive pigments. These are energized by absorbing ambient light which is released back from the material at a slower rate when the external light source is extinguished. The result is a glow-in-the-dark product ideal for safety applications.

In order to simplify specification the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA) have produced a system of classification based on the DIN 67510-1 standard. Telegan offer PSPA Class B and Class C materials as standard.




A rigid opaque photoluminescent sheet which surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN67510). TELBEX Photoluminescent has excellent pigment dispersion giving an attractive, even finish to the photoluminescent layer, rather than the granular appearance apparent in alternative products. The whiteness of the photoluminescent layer, compared to other products on the market, also gives greater contrast when printed. Typical applications include safety signage, print substrate and cladding. As with all of our products, the pressing process gives the benefits of being dimensionally stable and having the finest quality surface, which is not achieved through other technologies.


Photoluminescent Board

A plate pressed rigid opaque sheet which surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN 67510). Sheets are manufactured using a plate pressing technology which ensures that they are dimensionally stable with fully bonded layers; the top layer being a glass clear uPVC capping which offers exceptional weathering resistance whilst providing a perfect surface for both digital and screen printing techniques. Standard Class B, 1.30mm thick sheets are held in stock and a higher performance Class C grade is available to order. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag

Photoluminescent Vinyl

A flexible self adhesive PVC laminate, Telbak Photoluminescent incorporates a photoluminescent layer thermally welded to a white reflective layer, with a pressure sensitive self adhesive coating protected with a strippable paper. The standard material surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN 67510) and is held in stock in roll form, size 605mm wide x 50m long. A minimum order quantity of 5 linear metres applies. Higher performing class C material is available to order. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag

VYNALAST Photoluminescent engraving laminate

A rigid PVC engraving laminate encompassing all of the properties of standard TELBEX Vynalast but with a photoluminescent core. This innovation has been of particular interest within the marine industry where engraved plastic signs have evolved as a durable replacement for brass plates used to identify tank vents and valves on deck and in machinery spaces. Engraved signs using this material are routinely used by companies fitting out dive systems. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag


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