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Rigid PVC Sheet

Developed as an equivalent to the Darvic, Pacton, Cobex, Lumex and Vynalast ranges previously manufactured by Storeys Industrial Products (Brantham) Ltd.

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Impact Clear

An impact toughened, rigid, transparent, UV stabilised sheet, designed to meet BS3757-A3. Typical applications include protective visors, machine guards, indoor safety glazing, welding screens, safety screens and inspection panels. TELBEX Impact Clear with a satin/polished surface is particularly effective for flame effect fire panels. The linear feature of the satin surface, when used horizontally, has a polarising effect on the transmitted light giving a more realistic flame effect. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag


A rigid, opaque, general application sheet that can be supplied in a range of standard colours. We also offer a colour matching service for non standard colours. Sheets are available in a wide range of gauges and surface finishes. Designed to meet BS3757-A1, typical applications include signage, print substrates, general fabrication and electrical components. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag


A rigid, opaque, impact modified sheet developed for use in hygienic cladding and wall and door protection applications. TELBEX Cladding can be supplied with a range of scratch resistant surfaces ensuring the product is particularly suitable for areas that receive a lot of wear and tear. The plate pressing process gives the benefit of a dimensionally stable, low reversion sheet with the finest quality surface. Sheets can easily be thermoformed or line bent over any substrate. Typical applications include kick boards, door plates, decorative cladding for corridors and stairways and is suitable for hygienic cladding in clean rooms and laboratories in conjunction with other fixing systems


A rigid, opaque sheet with excellent chemical resistance designed to meet BS3757:1978. Typical applications include chemical tank lining, ducting, sign backing, cutting boards and plates. TELBEX Industrial is particularly suitable for the manufacture of dual laminate tanks when pvc is required for it’s resistance to strong oxidising and reducing chemicals, especially chlorine based compounds. The plate pressing process gives exceptionally low reversion sheet which is suitable for all applications that are used in an environment subject to extreme variations in temperature. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag

Vynalast Reverse

A 2 ply clear/colour laminate which can be reverse engraved leaving the top surface free to be cleaned with out affecting the engraving. The smooth top surface is tamper proof and provides a permanent solution in the food industry where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. Sheets can be supplied with polished or non-glare satin finishes and is available in all standard Vynalast colours. Vynalast Reverse can be backfilled with paint to create any colour combination. Specification uk_flag Germ_flag

Vynalast Engraving Laminate

A rigid laminate developed specifically for engraving signs and nameplates. TELBEX Engraving Laminate is a thermoplastic material and can be readily shaped and formed after engraving. The product has excellent UV properties and is resistant to salt water, which makes it more suited to outdoor and marine applications than other plastic and phenolic engraving materials on the market. Sheets are supplied polished one side and satin the other, which also gives the benefit of the choice of two engraving surfaces.  Specification uk_flag Germ_flag


Impact Weld Grade

A tough rigid pvc sheet available in a range of tinted colours specifically designed for use in the fabrication of welding screens and booths; items used to protect third party observers from accidental exposure to welding arc. It should not be used in personal protective equipment such as welding goggles or masks. In addition to exceptional impact strength, Telbex Weld Grade has excellent chemical resistance, high tensile strength and dimensional stability, low thermal conductivity and good electrical properties. The material is non notch sensitive which means that its impact properties are not adversely affected even after the sheet has been thermoformed, drilled and fabricated.
Specification uk_flag Germ_flag