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TELGLOW® Photoluminescent materials

TELGLOW® Photoluminescent materials have been formulated to comply with the luminance decay properties demanded by ISO16069:2004 and ISO17398:2004 standards.

In order to simplify specification the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA) have produced a system of classification based on the DIN 67510-1 standard.

Afterglow performance

Tested to DIN 67510-1 (5 mins @ 1000 lux)

Decay time10 min/mcd/m260 min/mcd/m2Decay time to mcd/m2
DIN 67510-4202.8340 mins
PSPA Class A233450 mins
PSPA Class B507900 mins
PSPA Class C140201800 mins
PSPA Class D260352000 mins

TELGLOW® Board is manufactured using plate pressing technology which ensures a dimensionally stable sheet with fully bonded layers; the top layer being a glass clear uPVC capping which offers exceptional weathering resistance whilst providing a perfect surface for both digital and screen printing techniques. PSPA classes B and C are available from stock whilst class D is available to order.

TELGLOW® self-adhesive vinyl incorporates a Photoluminescent layer thermally welded to a white reflective substrate with a pressure sensitive self-adhesive coated, strippable paper backing.

TELGLOW® Photoluminescent engraving laminate encompasses all of the properties of VYNALAST® but with a Photoluminescent core. This innovation has been of particular interest within the marine industry where engraved plastic signs have evolved as a durable replacement for brass plates used in the identification of tank vents and valves on deck and in machiner spaces. Engraved signs using this material are routinely used in the fitting out of dive systems.